Courses at Dallas Coding Academy
Full Stack - 3 sessions, 10 weeks per session, part-time
Become a Full Stack developer, UI/UX Designer, Database Manager, and more


Languages and Frameworks
Create apps that solve problems using cutting edge technology and software that our Curriculum Development Team has vetted.

Dev team experience
Hiring managers value peer review and solid communication skills honed while working with others to create innovative solutions.

Presentation skills
Polish your presention acumen to communicate ideas to your team and others. Iterate to optimize your products.

Design and Critical Thinking
Learn the technical skills to create static sites and dynamic web apps, as well as techniques to learn new programming languages quickly and effectively.

Technological Sophistication
Learn the technical skills to create static sites and dynamic web apps, as well as techniques to learn new programming languages quickly and effectively.

Build processes
Git, collaboration/version control software, and Agile methodology; widely accepted processes professional teams use to create apps.

Happy Student


We care for students, coach them while they learn to build web apps, and prepare them for the next step in their career.

Our progressive teaching approach and effective curriculum cultivates exceptional technical proficiency in tandem with deft interpersonal skills.


Each campus has an SSA who listens to students and helps them overcome challenges. SSA's and staff host the career readiness workshops - Networking, Branding, Resume, Opportunity Funnel, and Interviewing.


Every Instructor and TA is a professional developer who is passionate about helping students master the principles of software development. You will learn by creating sites and apps in pairs, teams, and singularly.


Campus Manager, our online Learning Management System, has many features - attendance, grades, messaging platform, class recordings, Q&A forum, screensharing, jobs board, and calendar.

Course Details

  • Price : $3,490

  • Price : $3,490

  • Price : $3,490

101 Web

This is our Intro course, designed to take true beginners to a level of fluency with HTML and CSS that will allow them to build professional, well designed, responsive websites. You can use these skills to begin freelancing or to get started as a web designer.

This class is designed for someone who is brand new to writing code or has dabbled with a few online tutorials like Codecademy and have found they are ready to really solidify their knowledge base in website development.

221 JavaScript Full Stack

For Intermediate, you have already developed your chops with HTML and CSS and can build beautiful, responsive websites that any freelancer would drool over. Now it's time to start building applications to give those pages some life.

In the intermediate class, you will attend class two nights a week, and outside of class, do approximately 2 hours a day of homework. You will learn Object Oriented Programming, server calls, API integration, and build multiple web applications all in 10 weeks.

311 JavaScript Full Stack

This is our Advanced course, designed to take our Intermediate students to a level of fluency with Node.js and React.js that will allow them to build professional, well designed web applications. You can use these skills to become an entry level developer, a JavaScript developer a senior technical project manager, a full stack developer, or use your ability to learn new languages to switch into a career with Python, Ruby, or one of the many other in-demand languages in Texas.

This class is designed for someone who has a strong command of front end development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and who is interested in formalizing their back end development skill set to become full stack.

221 C# & .NET Full Stack

Either you have developed a proficiency for HTML and CSS and mobile web design through our Intro class or on your own. In the intermediate class, we take you to the next level, from websites to web applications. You will be in class two nights a week and do roughly an hour and a half of homework every day outside of class. You will begin your journey down Object Oriented Programming, server calls, API consumption and integration, and build a myriad of web applications over a 10 week period.

321 C# & .NET Full Stack

Welcome to the Advanced class, where our intermediate students or students already familiar with HTML, CSS and C# deep dive into the .NET framework. The advanced class is focused specifically on .NET due to it’s incredibly high job demand in San Antonio. You can do a quick search for .NET developers on one of the many job aggregator sites and see an ever present shortage of .NET and C# developers here in San Antonio.

This course is designed for someone who has great fluency with front end development and who is ready to become proficient in one of the most widely used web app development frameworks to be able to create full stack web applications.

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Answers from Dallas Coding Academy

We are here to help you learn. Here are some common answers to questions we're asked.

There's never been a better time to start a career as a web developer. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, there is a consistent demand for developers who both write high-quality code and experienced problem solvers who can design creative solutions.
We use every tool in the adult learning arsenal - teamwork, project-based learning modules, accountability partners, mentors, paired programming, and design thinking.
Build static sites and dynamic web apps using API's and MVC architecture. Launch your sites using Heroku cloud service, collaborate within a team using an agile development workflow and widely-accepted collaboration practices using Git.
Our students are engineers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, and folks fresh from college. People who are looking to start a new career and web development, and are just as passionate about web development as you are.
Attend one of our Prep for Success workshops. You'll learn how to use your computer like an extension of yourself. Additionally, you'll get insights into how you learn best, building your vocabulary quickly, and how to focus your efforts on process and consistency to achieve success.